You’re in the right place. From North Cape to Punta Arenas, Brussels, Berlin, Taormina, Barcelona, ​​Vienna, Prague and Budapest, Windhoek, the ABC islands or Aruba, we cover most places on the map. Approx. 18,000 different designs are stored as decals in our rotary filing systems.We’ll also be happy to create your special city motif. We manufacture decal decoration and print to different sizes to be able to use the decorations for our entire range.

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The images below are examples; all items in stock such as glasses, cups, ashtrays, etc. are undecorated and can be decorated with the selected motifs and then fired to make them dishwasher-proof.
Here you can browse through our flip catalog.

If you have any further questions, please contact our souvenir department, which will be happy to provide information.